Ring sizes:

We use both the British/NZ and American number systems for ring sizing. If you do not know your ring size, we highly recommend having your finger sized by a local jeweller before you place a custom order.

Please see our chart below for converting international ring sizes. Please note UK sizes also apply to New Zealand and Australia.

Care instructions:

Items of jewellery are delicate and should be treated with care in order to preserve their quality for a lifetime of wear. In order to prevent marks and scratches avoid wearing your jewellery while cooking, cleaning, gardening and particularly sporting and gym activities. Take care to not expose your jewellery to excess amounts of water such as when bathing or swimming. Chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to metals and stones and should be avoided.

Items that are Sterling Silver, Copper or Bronze will gradually begin to tarnish over time with exposure to air. Rhodium plating on gold does wear over time and needs replating. To prevent wear or tarnishing you can store your jewellery in a soft pouch or lined box with an anti tarnish strip. You can also use professional jewellery cleaning products such as polishing clothes and chemical dips to remove tarnish on metal. Note some jewellery dips can affect stones and their lustre.  Dirt and grease can be removed from jewellery by gently scrubbing them with a soft brush with mild detergent and water. 

Stones can also be subjected to damage if special care is not taken to preserve your jewellery. Diamonds are one of the hardest stones and will only scratch when rubbed against another diamond. They can potentially be chipped or cracked if not taken care of. Diamonds will scratch other stones. It is best to store pieces of jewellery separately. Most semi precious stones can also be scratched, chipped or cracked if put under pressure or if they receive any harsh impact. Pearls are very soft in comparison to stone so extra care should be taken to avoid damage, they are also very sensitive to perfume so apply perfume before putting on your jewellery. Some perfume and body oils can tarnish metals. Opals are sensitive stones as they are quite soft and have a significant water content meaning they dry out and crack in low humidity environments. To avoid this you can store Opal jewellery in a sealed container with a moist piece of cotton. The use of the harsh chemicals on stones can also alter their quality so avoid contact between your jewellery and household cleaning products, perfumes and other chemicals. Excessive amount of sunlight can also lighten some stones and should be avoided. Particularly natural amethyst .

Darkened sterling silver will go darker if unworn and lighter is worn alot.