Clusters - 1 The sun

A group of clusters to make a collection of no rhyme or reason - except my love of nature and jewellery making .

These are mini cluster collections in which I have created 6 to 12 pieces . Each mini cluster has a theme, a like or an idea which pieces are made or collected, recycled, new, organic, antique or stone. The themes will most probably not relate but be a mixed jumble of ideas techniques and creating. Some pieces will be one off or test samples. 

This will be a working running clusters - stopping and starting - very much an indulgent working method I am gifting myself. 

I will posting them online as I go . A running catalogue


THE SUN is numero uno - the first cluster 

Inspired by the lyrical light plays of the sun colours in nature environments that surround me and I dream of . Natures poetry of the sun its warmth and its life. Stones and simple elements. Amber, citrine parred with green to emulated an idea of the growth process. 

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