Lion Hope Ring with Ametrine

  $695.00 NZD

The Lion Hope ring set with a Large natural striking Ametrine .- sparkling and translucent.

The Lion hope ring is created in sterling silver with two Lions holding the stone up . Cast by hand in 100 percent recycled sterling silver. Matt polish finish to really show the stone off. An inspired design of strength of the Lion and forever hope. 

A big ring of medium to large ring size of P It does sit  high of the hand at 10mm. 


They say the meaning of Ametrine is inner strength. Ametrine is a variety of quartz crystal, amplifying the energy of its owner. The color of this gemstone is a mixture of the yellow color of Citrine blended with the purple color of Amethyst. ... The meaning of Ametrine also includes harmony.

 The Ametrines  are approxiamtely 22mm long 16mm and thick at widest part. The one is the photo is sold and is a very very pale amethyst purple with only a hint of citrine colour . This stone has been sourced from the Brazilian / Bolivian border - ( years ago ) yes I have had the stone for a long time. 


NOTE : . Each Ametrine  has its own unique  shade as it is natural and no two are the same .


Hand finished slightly matt not high polished . This is a LARGE ring as the stone is very big. 

Sterling silver is a matt finish NOT highly polished to show to let the amazing Ametrine  dominate.

Weight 18 grams.

Size P


Can be made to order in any size, or gold and different stones making time 4 to  6 weeks


Lion Hope Ring with Ametrine
Lion Hope Ring with Ametrine
Lion Hope Ring with Ametrine
Lion Hope Ring with Ametrine