1 A A Pegasus sample Necklace - Sale

$395.00 NZD   $125.00 NZD

ON SALE a Pegasus Necklace sample in sterling silver which has be mamde as a single layer so it is lighter than the doublesided 3d Pegasus. It is a more economical version of the original which is in the Fantasy collection. 

It is still a heavy necklace on the bigger side. - see photo on . 

Pegasus the taxi to the muses necklace has returned with extra large sterling silver mixed chain chocker. Each Pegasus necklace is individually made one at a time. No two Pegasus necklaces are exactly alike. Both the heavy cable chain (pictured on checker board) and lighter chain with rope knot oval link ( Worn by model in photo) versions are available . 

Made and hand finished in New Zealand and Australia. As it was this test sample was oringally created in Bluff NZ and then finished just today .


The chain is sterling silver round blecher and a length of 50cm sterling silver 

Weight of chain and pegasus is 20.5 grams. 


I will be making more of these at full price and perhaps in a gold bronze mix. 


No returns, exchanges or refunds on SALE items over 50% off


1 A  A Pegasus sample Necklace - Sale
1 A  A Pegasus sample Necklace - Sale
1 A  A Pegasus sample Necklace - Sale