1 A A citrine dome leaf pod ring

$295.00 NZD   $145.00 NZD

Just one of the dome leaf pod rings is on sale - the new natural citrine dome leaf pod ring. All these leaf pod rings are round and inspired by the rocket leaf and soft winter sun. Thus the citrine cabochon for this version . 

The citrine has been chosen for this ring at this time for its colour being like milky yellow of sunshine during this winter. It is pale yellow and naturally milky in places - each is natural stone is always uniquely different in their shade.

It is said Citrine is for all around wealth, family , health and happiness. 

  • Increases creativity.
  • Protects you from negative energies.
  • Activates your intuition.
  • Helps you to manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Encourages sharing.
  • Promotes happiness and joy.
  • Increases your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Encourages a positive attitude.


So the the domed  leaf pod ring is like a wearable winter lift.

The finish is a brushed matt finish .... so not shiny like a winter day. If you wish to have it polished there is no charge please just put it in the notes. 

This is the exact ring in the photo you will get.  It site nice and flat on the hand 

Size O1/2

Stone 14mm round

Weight 9 grams 


There is also a faceted citrine version as well  - The point up  leaf pod ring. 


No Exchanges or returns on SALE items 

1 A A citrine dome leaf pod ring
1 A A citrine dome leaf pod ring
1 A A citrine dome leaf pod ring