Brave eagle Necklace - Sale

$295.00 NZD   $95.00 NZD

ON SALE is one of the hand carved beefalo bone eagle head Necklaces on a long sterling silver 60cm blecher chain

The handcarved beefallo bone - naturally and ethically sourced - beefalo is a cross between a beef and buffalo - thus the bone is much finer than a normal beef bone. Looks and feels like ivory. Additonally it has been smoked in a fish smoker to look aged and antique ivory.

It has been hand carved by JJ my wonderful friend that discovered bone carving as a therapuetic tool when in rehab many years ago. 

Inspired by the strength of the magnificant eagle. 


ONE ONLY as each is individually HANDMADE


The chain is  a strong sterling silver blecher and a length of 60cm 

Weight is 14 grams with chain

Each is individually handmade so no two are exactly the same. 

NO RETURNS or REFUNDS on sale items 50%OFF or more 


Brave eagle  Necklace  -  Sale