1 A Golden manifestation necklace - Reversible - SALE

$395.00 NZD   $125.00 NZD

Something new and something a little different - this is the first one that I have made in this way on a long continous round leather cord - 4.5mm thick . 


Created for the love of crystals and the idea of possibilites and mixing difference mediums

Surrounded in fine gold leaf is a partly emerald cut fine speciman of a mnifestation quartz - a quartz with baby quartz growing inside of it - an original art piece created by nature . This one is quite gorgeous with a little rutilated moss in it to. 

I have accented this piece for a little extra sparkle . with a 6mm round brilliant cut herkimer quartz diamond .

This stunning piece would not photograph well - its looks so much better in life and I sure this piece will go to the right home.


They say Manifestation Quartz is a crystal of clarity, purest white light and guidance. Manifestation Quartz has been used in meditation to help resolve underlying doubts and bring into consciousness awareness emotional blockages preventing that which is to be manifest. Manifestation Quartz facilitates creativity at all levels.

Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds" are the high energy seekers of the crystal world. ... As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, and are used in meditations, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritualization applications


The back is just plain gold leave and you can have this facing outwards to look like you are wear a big gold nugget.


Approx size from the bottom of the top of the manifestation quartz 25mm long x 22 at the widest part.

Pendant size 38mm long by 30mm at its widest.

Hanging  Length is a long 80cm quite long as you can see in photo 


Weight approx 21.5  grams. 

Hand finished, handmade ONE OFF  CANNOT BE MADE TO ORDER due to the unique stones

This is the exact piece in the photo you will recieve. .

This piece needs to be worn with care due to the clay creating the setting around the quartz .As it is not as  sturdy as sterling silver. It is still strong - but do not wear in water. Do no drop crystal as it is large and might chip crack or break if dropped on a hard surface like concrete. 

No returns or exchanges on Sale items 

1 A Golden manifestation necklace - Reversible - SALE
1 A Golden manifestation necklace - Reversible - SALE
1 A Golden manifestation necklace - Reversible - SALE
1 A Golden manifestation necklace - Reversible - SALE